For Patients

For Patients

View Operator’s Manuals, Quick Start Guides, Brochures and FAQs for the LifeChoice Activox Portable Oxygen Concentrators and Activox DUO2.

Is the LifeChoice Activox covered by my insurance?

Medicare and most private insurance plans will reimburse for the LifeChoice Activox. To determine if you qualify, please call your local home care provider.

What is Auto Mode?

Auto Mode is a feature of the LifeChoice Activox that adjusts the unit automatically for active and rest/sleep conditions based on the patient’s breath rate. In Active-High Mode, the system will provide oxygen to address the short and frequent breath patterns which are typical for a mobile patient. In Sleep-Low Mode, the system utilizes a more sensitive breath detection trigger to identify shallow and prolonged breathing while at rest so patients stay saturated throughout the night.

How is PULSE-WAVE Delivery different than Pulse Dose Delivery?

A PULSE-WAVE Delivery System provides oxygen that matches with a patient’s normal inhalation rate so most of the delivered oxygen enters the respiratory system. In contrast, Pulse Dose Delivery may deliver oxygen faster than the patient’s breath rate, resulting in wasted oxygen, nasal irritation and nose bleeds.

In addition, PULSE-WAVE Delivery minimizes retrograde airflow so patients report fewer side effects such as nasal irritation and nose bleeds. PULSE-WAVE Delivery and Auto Mode features are the reasons why the LifeChoice Activox can be used as a reliable source of oxygen during sleep unlike other POCs on the market.

How long does the battery last?

Battery runtime can vary with your breath rate.

4L 10.25 hours 8.25 hours 5 hours 4 hours
Pro 12.5 hours 7.25 hours 6.25 hours
Sport 5.5 hours 4 hours 3.25 hours

An optional External Battery is available (not included in the Standard Package) and provides up to 4.75 hours of additional run-time, depending on the model of the POC.

What maintenance is required for the LifeChoice Activox POC?

There are no filters to change. The patient needs only to keep the unit clean and the vents clear for maximum air flow.

Is there a certain nasal cannula that I have to use?

We recommend using a standard 7 foot single lumen nasal cannula or equivalent. We do not recommend using a “low flow” cannula product.

Can I take the LifeChoice Activox POC on an airplane?

Yes. The LifeChoice Activox is FAA-approved for use on commercial flights. Visit our Traveling with Oxygen page where you can find helpful information on preparing to fly with your LifeChoice Activox.

How much electricity does the LifeChoice Activox use?

Very little. The power consumption is less than a 110-watt light bulb.

Is the LifeChoice Activox compatible with all power standards?

Yes, the LifeChoice Activox wall charger works on 110v (US) up to 240v (International) electrical systems. Only a plug adapter for the power plus may be required for International locations.

Can I charge the LifeChoice Activox in my car, RV or boat?

Yes, the LifeChoice Activox 4L and Pro come with a 12v DC adapter and charger that can be used in vehicles equipped with a standard US cigarette lighter adapter (CLA) plug.

Where can I get the LifeChoice Activox?

Visit our Local Providers page to find a provider near you or call us at 1.800.424.0737.

What USA government agencies have cleared the LifeChoice Activox for use and sale?

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA), Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) and Medicare.

What are the LifeChoice Activox’s FDA indications for use?

The LifeChoice Activox oxygen concentrator is used on a prescriptive basis by patients who are diagnosed as requiring supplemental oxygen. This oxygen concentrator will provide supplemental, high concentration oxygen to these patients. It is not life supporting nor life sustaining. It may be used continuously in a home, institution or travel environment. The LifeChoice Activox is also portable.