Activox 4L Portable Oxygen Concentrator
4L Product

Activox 4L Portable Oxygen Concentrator

LifeChoice Activox 4L offers the longest lasting internal battery of any portable oxygen concentrator. The 4L model is a great option if you have higher oxygen requirements and don’t want to compromise on battery life, weight or ease of use.

Weight 4.8 lbs.
Delivery SETTING 1-4 (Pulse-Wave)
Battery Life SETTING 1
10.25 Hours
8.25 Hours
5 Hours
4 Hours
External Battery Life (optional) Up to 3 Hours

Standard Package

Control Panel


The display screen on the control panel keeps you informed with clearly worded text. For example, if you are low on battery power, the message “LOW BATTERY” is shown on the screen.  If you are charging the battery, the message “Charging Internal” or “Charging External”  is shown.  The display screen makes it easy to figure out alarms and constantly know the status of your POC.

Featuring Unique Delivery Technology

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LifeChoice Activox 4L features powerful Auto Mode and PULSE-WAVE Delivery technologies that work together to deliver oxygen as you need it.

  • Auto Mode Technology automatically adjusts breath trigger sensitivity to support shallow breath rates during periods of rest and faster breath rates during periods of activity.
  • PULSE-WAVE Delivery takes over once a breath has been detected and controls the flow of oxygen so that the maximum dose can reach your lungs. This gentle form of delivery helps to minimize uncomfortable side effects such as dry nose or nose bleeds that are often associated with other forms of delivery.

Lightweight & Hands-Free

At only 4.8 pounds, the 4L model is light enough to carry throughout the day. Each unit comes equipped with an adjustable bag that configures into a shoulder bag, briefcase, waist pack or backpack for true hands-free portability.

Cost Effective

LifeChoice Activox portable oxygen concentrators are reimbursed by Medicare and most private insurance. They are also available for purchase through our approved Local Providers.


LifeChoice Activox 4L is tank-free. A powerful rechargeable internal battery keeps the system running for up to 10.25 hours so you don’t have to worry about running out of oxygen when out and about.


This model is FAA-approved for commercial airline use. Visit the Traveling with Oxygen page for more information on traveling with portable oxygen concentrators.