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Ron Yarbrough
ronyar brough

Ron Yarbrough

Vice President, Regulatory Affairs & Quality Assurance

Ron Yarbrough joined Inova Labs as Vice President of RAQA in July of 2013. Prior to joining Inova Labs, Yarbrough served as Director of Regulatory Affairs and prior to that as Director of Quality Assurance for Zimmer Spine based in Minneapolis, MN. He has held a variety of positions with increasing responsibility at Zimmer Spine, Abbott Laboratories, Zimmer Orthopedics, Centerpulse, Sulzer, and Intermedics and worked in a variety of functions, including Product Development, Operations, Quality Assurance, and Regulatory Affairs management.

Yarbrough has over 15 years of extensive experience in the medical device industry dealing with a variety of Class I, II, and III products, as well as tissue banking. He has created and executed strategies to obtain predictable global product approvals and significantly improve product quality by implementing enhanced design controls and advanced production/process controls. Rising quickly from a top technical contributor to a position as divisional Director of Quality Assurance and then Regulatory Affairs, Yarbrough’s organizations led companies to establish world-class quality systems and successfully resolve chronic problems. Yarbrough is responsible for all global regulatory and quality activities and functions as the management representative for Inova Labs.

Yarbrough holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Industrial Technology from Texas State University.