What USA government agencies have approved the LifeChoice® POC for use and sale? Food and Drug Administration (FDA), Medicare, Federal Aviation Administration (FAA).
Who can use the LifeChoice® POC? Patient’s who require 1, 2 or 3 LPMeq supplemental oxygen. The LifeChoice® POC delivers pulse doses equivalent to a maximum of 3 LPM.
Is the LifeChoice® POC covered by my insurance? Do I qualify for a unit? Medicare and most insurance plans will reimburse for the LifeChoice® POC. To determine if you qualify, please call your local home care provider. A list of Preferred Providers is available by clicking here.
What is Auto Mode? Auto Mode is a technology which automatically senses the oxygen requirements of a patient and adjusts the device to operate in an Active Mode and a Sleep Mode. In Active Mode, the LifeChoice POC provides oxygen to address the short and frequent breath patterns which are typical for a mobile patient. In Sleep Mode, the LifeChoice POC provides oxygen to address shallow and prolonged breathing while at rest. During Sleep Mode, the on-demand trigger to deliver oxygen is 10 times more sensitive than during Active Mode to detect changes in the patient’s respiration rate at rest.
How is PULSE-WAVE Delivery different than Pulse Dose Delivery? POC’s currently available deliver an initial strong pulse of oxygen during the beginning of the inhalation period. Typically, the entire oxygen delivered is not received because the rate and flow of the pulse dose exceeds the inhalation rate of the patient. During sleep, this effect is exacerbated further due to a shallow inhalation rate. In addition, many times the on-demand trigger for most POC’s does not function because the patient’s breath is too shallow to be detected. As a result, POC’s are generally considered unreliable during evening sleep hours.
A PULSE-WAVE Delivery System provides oxygen congruent with the patient’s normal inhalation rate so what is delivered, is received. In addition, this approach minimizes retrograde airflow so patients report fewer side effects such as nasal irritation and nose bleeds. PULSE-WAVE Delivery along with Auto Mode are the reasons why the LifeChoice POC can be used during sleep when other POC’s are not effective.
Where can I get the LifeChoice® POC?
Click here to find a provider near you or call us at 1.800.220.0977.
How long does the battery last? The internal battery will last 2 hours on all settings, while the included external battery pack will add an additional 3 hours on all settings providing in combination over 5 hours of mobility using settings of 1, 2 or 3LPM.
What maintenance is required for the LifeChoice® POC? Virtually none. No need to worry about routinely replacing filters or other routine maintenance issues. The patient simply wipes the vents on either side of the LifeChoice® POC with a Q-tip! (No disassembly required) That’s it! And with its durable construction, the LifeChoice® POC is designed to give years of worry-free use. Furthermore, the LifeChoice® POC comes with a 3-year limited warranty. See warranty for full details.
Is there a certain nasal cannula that I have to use? We recommend using a standard 7′ Salter Labs single lumen nasal cannula or equivalent. We do not recommend using a “low flow” cannula product
Can I take the LifeChoice® POC on an airplane? Yes. The LifeChoice POC is FAA-approved for use on commercial flights. Please consult with your airline before traveling.
How much electricity does the LifeChoice® POC use? Very little. The power consumption is equivalent to a 40-watt light bulb.
Can I plug in the LifeChoice® POC power supply anywhere? Yes, the LifeChoice® POC power supply can be plugged in anywhere in the world. It runs on 110v to 240v and 50 to 60 cycles automatically.
Can I plug the LifeChoice® POC power supply into my car, RV or boat? Yes, the LifeChoice® POC also comes with a 12v power supply that has a USA standard cigarette lighter adaptor (CLA) plug.
What are the LifeChoice® POC’s FDA indications for use? The LifeChoice® POC portable oxygen concentrator is used on a prescriptive basis by patients who are diagnosed as requiring supplemental oxygen. This oxygen concentrator will provide supplemental, high concentration oxygen to these patients. It is not life supporting nor life sustaining. It may be used continuously in a home, institution or travel environment. The LifeChoice® POC is also portable.
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